Pickled and Passivated SS304L Stainless Steel Basket Cable Tray

Pickled and Passivated SS304L Stainless Steel Basket Cable Tray
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Stainless steel basket cable trays are widely used in food packing industry.

Safety in the food processing industry is critical. Production lines must be kept clean. Even the smallest risk of contamination can result in operational losses and have dramatic repercussions for public health and a company's image. 

Wire basket cable tray’s structure (90% is completely open), with its slide cutting safety edge, minimizes the risk of dust and debris settling on surfaces. 

Whether installed horizontally or sideways, Bonet basket cable trays’ transparency and excellent cable spacing make it easy to inspect the installation and check whether it is clean. Any animal matter or bacterial growth can be identified at an early stage.
Any pollution or unwanted proliferation can be eliminated by blowing, vacuuming or power cleaning. These steps can be taken on a regular basis or after inspections.
Similarly, all our accessories (brackets, spacers, couplers) have been designed with the aim of reducing dust and debris retention.



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