100mm 4" Deep SS304L Stainless Steel Wire Basket Cable Tray

100mm 4
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Bonet is a quality and economical wire mesh cable tray brand in the world. And we lead wire cable tray and the preferred cable routing method of the major players in the food industry. It can be delivered quickly and is available for global delivery. We offer advice on which products and installation method to choose, and can help end-users design a specific solution.

We offer customers stainless steel wire basket cable trays with pickled and passivated after manufacture, or without any treatment for getting lower budget.


The pickled & passivated wire mesh cable trays are highly resistant to the corrosion associated with cleaning processes or agents. As a result, Bonet's installations are designed to last longer.


Welcome to wholesale the 100mm 4" deep ss304l stainless steel wire basket cable tray in stock with our factory. We are one of the most professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers in China offering you the best quality bonet products. Contact us for more details now.