Powder Coating Wire Mesh Cable Tray for Data Center Use

Powder Coating Wire Mesh Cable Tray for Data Center Use
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Product Details


Material: carbon steel

Surface Finish: powder coated

Color: typically painted in black, other color available.

Powder Coating Type: powder coating only / powder coating after doing zinc plating

Powder Coating Thickness: minimum 50microns in accordance with EN 10309-1999 or ASTM B 633

Customize Optional Specs:

Mesh configuration size.

Material grade: steel tensile strength.

Powder coating color and coating thickness.

Wire diameter from 4.0mm to 6.0mm

Width from 50mm to 900mm

Depth from 25mm to 150mm

Above cable tray dimensions are all internal.

Key Features- Applications

• Conforms to the National Electric Code, UL Classified
• Acts as a continuous ground conductor; no grounding splices
• Adapts to difficult architectural designs to accommodate changes in direction and elevation of cable runs
• Cuts installation time up to 50 percent
• Provides strength, rigidity without additional hardware; has smooth edges
• Manufactured in an array of protective, powder-coated, colored finishes to minimize corrosion
• Featured in light or heavy duty product styles
• All support hardware available
• Custom sizes available


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