Over Head Plastic Coated Mild Steel Basket Cable Tray

Over Head Plastic Coated Mild Steel Basket Cable Tray
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Material: carbon steel

Surface Finish: powder coated

Color: typically painted in black, other color available.

Powder Coating Thickness: minimum 50microns in accordance with EN 10309-1999 or ASTM B 633


Where not allowed: NEC Article 392 states that cable tray systems shall not be installed in hoist ways or where subject to severe physical damage. Metal cable tray systems may support conductor types allowed in certain areas to include environmental air and classified locations. The restrictions apply to the conductors being installed, not the cable trays. Local codes apply. 

Provide access: Cable tray systems are to be installed so that they are accessible. If possible, 300 mm (12 in) minimum should be left above or between installed systems to allow for cable installation and maintenance.

In possible fire areas: Cable tray installations should avoid possible fire areas. Should that not be possible, and if there are critical circuits involved, stainless steel cable tray and fire resistant cables should be considered. Wrapping cable tray in a flame-resistant blanket might create a cable-heating problem without a fire. Installing a physical fire shield beneath a cable tray system may provide only limited improvement and create other issues.


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