Hot Dip Galvanised Durable Basket Cable Tray

Hot Dip Galvanised Durable Basket Cable Tray
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Material: Carbon Steel

Min Yield: 500 MPa

Min Tensile: 530 MPa

Mesh Size: 100mm x 50mm

Typical Wire Diameter: 5 mm (get little bit bigger after HDG)


Wire Diameter: 5 mm ± 0.1 mm

Length of Straight Sections: 3m -3 to +0 mm (to fit 40ft containers)

Inside Width: 100 mm ± 2 mm

Fill Depth: 50 mm ± 2mm

Surface Finish: Hot-dip galvanizing after fabrication.

Zinc Coating Thickness: above 60microns in accordance with ASTM A 123 or BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

Suitable for exterior applications under corrosive environments.

The cable trays or accessories, manufactured from untreated steel sheet or wire, are degreased and pickled before being immersed in a bath of molten zinc. The entire product is therefore covered with a thick layer of zinc. A light grey, slightly rough appearance is obtained. 

NOTE: Any white marks due to the formation of zinc hydroxycarbonate which might appear on the surface have no influence on the corrosion resistance. This is in fact the very principle on which galvanic protection is based.图片1.png

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