CE Certified 400 x 100mm 4" Deep Mild Steel Cable Mesh Tray

CE Certified 400 x 100mm 4
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Material: Mild Steel

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Size: 400 mm x 100 mm x 3 m (20 in. x 2 in. x 10ft)

Typical Wire Diameter: 5 mm

Net Weight: 9.37 kg / pcs

Surface Finish: zinc plated

Zinc Coating Thickness: average 12microns, minimum 8microns in accordance with ASTM B 633 (SC 2 minimum)

Customize Optional Specs:

Mesh configuration size.

Material grade: steel tensile strength.

Surface finish type and coating thickness.

Wire diameter from 4.0mm to 6.0mm

Width from 50mm to 900mm

Depth from 25mm to 150mm

Above cable tray dimensions are all internal.

Cable Management Information

Max Number of Data Cables Allowed

Cable Tray Size

Cat 5e 4-pr Plenum (.17")

Cat 5e 4-pr non-Plenum(.19")

Cat 6e 4-pr Plenum(.22")

Cat 6a 4-pr Non-Plenum (.35")

CM100/400 (4x16)

1406 cbls

1126 cbls

839 cbls

331 cbls

Biggest benefits of wire mesh cable trays:Economy

Installation time is reduced and no expensive preformed fittings have to be specially planned for or ordered. Fast, simple shaping can be carried out entirely on site. A bolt cutter, screw driver and a wrench are the only tools required to create the most complex of cable runs. A wide range of unique supports improves installation time even more. The tray is so easy to manipulate, one person can install a system unaided.


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