8" 200mm Fully Open Design Data Center Wire Basket Tray

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Product Details


Material: mild steel

Cable Tray Size: 200 mm x 50 mm x 3 m (8 in. x 2 in. x 10ft)

Weight: 5.17 kg / unit

Surface Finish: zinc plated

Zinc Coating Thickness: average 12microns, minimum 8microns in accordance with ASTM B 633

Feature & Benefits of Wire Mesh Cable Trays:

Fast & easy installation.

Mesh design allows cable exit or entry at any point.

Clear cable identification.

Significant cost savings compared to standard tray products.

Simple creation of fittings on site.

Wide range of sizes. 

Cable Management Information

Max Number of Data Cables Allowed

Cable Tray Size

Cat 5e 4-pr Plenum (.17")

Cat 5e 4-pr non-Plenum(.19")

Cat 6e 4-pr Plenum(.22")

Cat 6a 4-pr Non-Plenum (.35")

CM50/200 (2x8)

355 cbls

284 cbls

212 cbls

83 cbls


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