150x100 Steel Basket Tray Cable Management

150x100 Steel Basket Tray Cable Management
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Material: Carbon Steel

Cable Tray Size: 150 mm x 100 mm x 3 m (6 in. x 4 in. x 10ft)

Typical Wire Diameter: 5 mm

Mesh Size: 50 mm x 100 mm (2 in. x 4 in.)

Net Weight: 5.87 kg / unit

Number of Base Strings: 3

Number of Side Strings: 6


Surface Finish: zinc plated

Zinc Coating Thickness: average 12microns, minimum 8microns in accordance with ASTM B 633 (SC 2 minimum)

Cable Management Information

Max Number of Data Cables Allowed

Cable Tray Size

Cat 5e 4-pr Plenum (.17")

Cat 5e 4-pr non-Plenum(.19")

Cat 6e 4-pr Plenum(.22")

Cat 6a 4-pr Non-Plenum (.35")

CM100/150 (4x6)

527 cbls

422 cbls

314 cbls

124 cbls

Brief Introduction of Cable Tray Systems:

A cable tray system, according to the US National Electrical Code, is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways." Cable trays are used to hold up and distribute cables.

Cable trays are widely used as temporary usage of electric power in building site, industry and mining enterprise, decoration and mending where adopt the electric power of 220V and 380V.

Wire mesh cable trays are used extensively for data cables and low voltage installations, steel wire tray has become increasingly popular with installers thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and lightweight structure. They are appropriate for Sensitive cables such as control cables, optical cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

Features and Benefits of Wire Mesh Cable Trays:

1. Low cost.
2. Light in weight.
3. Easy for line check and cleaning.
4. Easy maintained.
5. Fast heat dispersion.
6. Cables can be secured to clamps or ties.
7. Flexible and fast installation.
8. No sharp edges design to protect cables.

9. Strong enough to withstand short circuits.


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