100mm 4 Inch Deep Metal Wire Tray Cable Management Systems

100mm 4 Inch Deep Metal Wire Tray Cable Management Systems
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Material: Carbon Steel

Min Yield: 500 MPa

Min Tensile: 530 MPa

Cable Tray Size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 3 m (4 in. x 4 in. x 10ft)

Typical Wire Diameter: 5 mm

Mesh Size: 50 mm x 100 mm (2 in. x 4 in.)

Net Weight: 5.17 kg / unit

Number of Base Strings: 2

Number of Side Strings: 6


Surface Finish: zinc plated

Zinc Coating Thickness: average 12microns, minimum 8microns.

Electrodeposited zinc in accordance with ASTM B 633 (SC 2 minimum)

Cable Management Information

Max Number of Data Cables Allowed

Cable Tray Size

Cat 5e 4-pr Plenum (.17")

Cat 5e 4-pr non-Plenum(.19")

Cat 6e 4-pr Plenum(.22")

Cat 6a 4-pr Non-Plenum (.35")

CM100/100 (4x4)

351 cbls

281 cbls

209 cbls

82 cbls


I. Material:

The choice of materials is a matter of the physical and mechanical properties produced by each, compared against the intended function, as well as the environment, in which the trays are to be installed.

II. Surface Finish:

1. Zinc-plating cable trays are suitable for indoor use. The place where cold zinc-plating cable trays would work should be dry, ventilated, and corrosion free.

2. Hot-dip Galvanizing (HDG) cable trays are suitable for outdoor use. They should be used in a place where there is no acid, alkali and salty substance in case of short working life.

3. Powder-coated cable trays should be carried out in alkali and salt corrosion free site.

III. Installation:

The cable trays have the advantages of high strength, reasonable structure, better load, flexible layout, easy construction, convenient installation and easy wire line extension. The electric cable bridge may be impractically laid along with the process tube, may under the floor, hoisted under the girder, or be placed in the room, outside of the wall, the column, the tunnel, or on the electric cable ditch wall, and also may be installed in the open-air column or frusta. 

For horizontal layout cable bridge, it should be fixed in every 2m. For vertical layout cable trays, it should be fixed up in every 1.5 meters. 


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