CVR Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cover

CVR Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cover
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Product Name: Wire Mesh Cable Tray Cover

Bonet Model:  CVR

Apply to: cover on cable trays to avoid dust.

Fit for: wire diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm, all width of trays.

Include: Unit×1

Feature: easy installation.

Cover material: pre-galvanized steel sheet / stainless steel.

Fixing without bolts and nuts.

Surface finish: galvanized, zinc plated, powder coated (HDG after fabrication not suggested)

Covers are typically added to a cable tray system when additional cable protection is required. It is important to consider that tray-rated cables have mechanical and UV protection built into their construction, making the sound use of covers uncommon. It is recommended to install covers the first six feet of a cable tray system extending vertically from a floor penetration. If a cable tray system passes under an open walkway, the cables should be protected from possible falling objects in the immediate area. Should a cable tray system temporarily be subjected to falling debris, a temporary cover should be used and then removed when no longer necessary. Cover installation also has merit in certain environmental air handling area installations. Refer to local codes for project requirements. 

Adding covers to a cable tray system may limit access, thus affecting the ability to add, mark, or remove cabling in the future. In the case of power cables, the addition of covers may require that the conductors be de-rated and may affect the loading of the cable tray system.   

In general, installing covers on outdoor cable tray systems is not common practice. Should covers be required, proper attachment is required to protect them from wind forces.


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