SPL Wire Mesh Cable Tray Fast Splice Plate

SPL Wire Mesh Cable Tray Fast Splice Plate
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Product Name: Wire Mesh Cable Tray Fast Splice Plate

Bonet Model:  SPL

Apply to: connect two straight sections of trays.

Fit for: wire diameter from 4.5mm to 5.5mm.

Include: 1 unit.

Feature: 1. boltless. 2. fast installation.

SPL is Bonet’s fast installation coupling solution. It required no bolts and nuts. Just with a tool, they can joint two pieces of wire mesh cable tray straight sections easily.

All our coupling kits meets the requirements of the standard IEC 61537 that coupler resistance must not exceed 50mΩ.

The electrical continuity of a system is its ability to conduct electric current. Each system is characterised by its resistance R.

If R=0 Ω, the system is a perfect conductor.

If R is infinite, the system is a perfect insulator. 

The lower the system's resistance, the better is electrical continuity will be. 

Fundamental to providing safety to people and property, electrical continuity also plays an essential role in the EMC performance of an electrical installation.


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